Conference organisation (PCO) is all about caring for the details.

We are in the business of developing lifelong learning and networking for professionals.

Until the 20th century, this mainly happened via the organisation of face2face events: conferences (PCO), symposia, meetings, fairs, workshops, ….

And we are convinced these face2face events add a lot of value in the 21th century as well and can be complemented with new tools to increase the reach and impact.

Therefore, LAUREA has expertise in the organisation of webinars, multi-hub meetings, live streaming, … which combine a ‘live’ and ‘virtual’ experience.

And we are convinced associations need to take the next step and develop full e-learning modules for their target groups, which, in combination with face2face and virtual events generate to biggest impact in terms of ‘learning efficacy’.

Below, you can find the services we offer, as project managers: essential services, additional services and digital services.

Essential services to organise a conference (PCO)

We consider the following services as "essential services" to organise a successful conference (PCO) for you. Without taking care of these services, something will go wrong. And trust us, details matter in the execution of each of these services. 

Essential_Conference Organisation_Services.jpeg


  • Concept development - where the notion of “Return on Event” is an important element

  • Budget management - yes, we need to talk about the money to ensure sustainability

  • Project management - deadlines, milestones, deliverables – its our daily bread and butter

  • Supporting the Organising Secretariat - ‘our client’ and ‘decision maker’ and Scientific Secretariat (whom decides on the program),

  • Communication plan: without a plan – no delegates will participate!

  • Branding & promotion - we love a beautiful and user friendly websites, we are perfectionists when it comes to promotional and learning materials.

  • Registration processing: the first contact of your delegates with your initiative – it needs to be perfect.

  • Faculty management: we treat them like VIPs

  • 3rd party negotiations and follow-up: they create added value, together with us.

  • Logistics: it must go smooth and perfect.

  • On-site project management: you should be able to focus on the content and your delegates, we take care of all the rest.

Additional services to organise a conference (PCO)

We can also take care of the following additional services. We call them 'additional services' as some of our clients take care of these services themselves or their conference (PCO) doesn't need the services. 

Additional_Conference Organisation_services.jpeg


  • Support in sponsorship collection: organising a conference or e-learning, is being an entrepreneur and taking risks. Finding the right and sufficient level of sponsorships is essential to close your budget. Building long term partnerships is key for sustainable commitments.

  • Social program: A conference or symposium should be a real experience. A strong social program is an essential part of this.

  • Exhibition management: Exhibitors contribute to the learning experience and in that way add real value to live events.

  • Abstract handling: smooth and online

  • Housing: for board members, faculty and even delegates if necessary

  • Teaching courses, university classes, workshops: all can be organised to add diversity into the program.

Digital services that add value to your conference (PCO)

And last but not least, there are digital services. Opinion leaders talk about it, but many associations and conferences (PCO) still consider them as 'the future'. We have experience with most of these digital services and we are strong believers in a lifelong learning curriculum existing of live and digital learning experiences.



  • Mobile applications: from applications that can be used in events to increase interactivity and networking to applications that can be used for e-learning

  • Digital posters, social media walls and live voting: yes, its all possible

  • Streaming via the internet of live events

  • Webinars: lectures that are streamed via the internet and allow interactivity

  • E-learning and massive open online courses (MOOCs): an underdeveloped area, with a lot of potential for non-profit associations active in lifelong learning