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Increasing engagement with digital tools?


Yes, everybody talks about "digital transformation" - but what does it mean for you and how to put it in practice?

For associations and conferences (PCO), digitalisation is a means to increase Member and conference delegate engagement.

Increased engagement means more interaction, more feedback, increased learning efficacy, increased benefits for your Members, increased Member loyalty and increased Delegate satisfaction, ...

As such, digitalisation complements and strengthens face 2 face meetings and conferences

And it all starts with a smooth 'User eXperience (UX)'.

LAUREA supports associations and conference organisational committees in their digitalisation efforts. We do not 'build' systems ourselves but have strong analytical and engineering capabilities to analyse your needs and to speak with the 'technicians' that build the digital applications. 


Digitalisation and Associations

Today's Associations need to run on a digital platform. These digital platforms are much more than a website and have the following functionalities:

  • Association website: showing to the general public whom you are and what you do

  • CRM and Membership management: from collection of Membership fees to dedicated webpages only visible for Members

  • Event registration: allowing to manage subscription for 'smaller' events (fe: your Board, a Working Group Meeting, ...)

  • Mass-mailing: your Newsletters, tracking a lot of information on 'click through'

  • Document and file management: articles, recordings of webinars/lectures, ...

Adding value to your Members goes as well via e-lifelong learning. Fe: E-learning and massive open online courses (MOOCs): an underdeveloped area, with a lot of potential. 


Digitalisation and Conferences (PCO)

  • Mobile applications: from applications that can be used in events to increase interactivity and networking to applications that can be used for e-learning

  • Digital posters, social media walls and live voting: yes, its all possible

  • Streaming via the internet of live events

  • Multi-hub meetings: you organise a live event and broadcast the live event at several other locations.

  • Webinars: lectures that are streamed via the internet and allow interactivity