Our customers are the most important promotors of the way we organise conferences (PCO) and deliver association management services

Read on this page what our customers have to say. 

Prof Vincent de Groot.png

Prof Vincent de Groot, president RIMS

“Stefaan greatly contributed to the formulation of the strategy and action plan of our association. Stefaan’s professionalism and dedication to deliver on specific actions were outstanding and supported our work as Board Members.”

“Stefaan’s project management skills ensured the success of our International Conference and the development of sustainable stakeholder relations.”

Customer: RIMS iVZW - www.eurims.org

Projects: Project management and industry relations of the International Annual Conference 2017 (+300 delegates, +20 countries)*, Association Manager 2016-2018

*(Stefaan as employee of Seauton BVBA)

Christophe Van de Weyer, Stanford Alumni Belgium, President

"Stefaan has really an attention to detail and thinks about every aspect of the event. He goes beyond project management and injects good thinking on event concept. 

Stefaan added more value to our symposium with proactive suggestions and improvements based on his deep event experience."

Customer: Stanford Alumni Belgium

Projects: Stanford Technology Outlook 2016 and 2017 (+100 attendees)


Prof Bart Van Wijmeerch, president ParadigMS Foundation

Bart van Wijmeersch.png

“Stefaan was instrumental to start-up and manage our association and to develop our industry relations.

In addition, Stefaan’s project management skills ensured the success of our first scientific Symposium.” 

Customer: ParadigMS Foundation, www.paradigms.foundation

Projects: Establishment of the Foundation in Belgium, creation of the business plan, industry relations (sponsorship collection), development of look&feel and website (in collaboration with design agency), project management of first scientific symposium (100 pax)*.

*(Stefaan as employee of Seauton BVBA)