We are conference organisers (PCO) and association managers (Working languages: Dutch, French and English).

We are community builders.


LAUREA is specialised in the project management of (scientific) conferences (PCO) and association management services, in Brussels, Belgium and abroad. We link your strategy to specific objectives, we have an eye for detail and a passion for impactful events. We are community builders.


We support associations at start-up, growth, improvement of its services&activities and organisational change.

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Conference Organisation

We organise conferences (PCO) and e-learning that maximize delegate engagement, networking and learning efficacy

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Association as a service


Increasing engagement with digital tools? A mobile app, a new website, a new digital platform, a webinar, a multi-hub meeting? 

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We do the work for you: website updating, newsletters, membership collection, contract management, ...

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We aspire that not-for profit associations become the key platforms for lifelong learning, networking and collaboration between individuals.  

We believe that magic  happens when you bring people together with diverse backgrounds and competences and have them engaging in conversations.