We support your social-mission organisation/non-profit assocation throughout its life cycle.

START-UP of your association

We work with individuals that have the ambition to pursue a social purpose with a group of persons that share the same ambition.

We support in ‘thinking strategy’ – from vision to mission, values, organisational structure and concrete activities. The key word is ‘customer centricity’ (= ‘what problem do we want to solve for whom’).

We support in the elaboration of a budget and the development of a sustainable business model: ‘how to deliver our social purpose without ‘bankruptcy’ (we use the ‘business model canvas’ methodology, SWOT analysis, Value Creation Map,…).

Together with our partners, we support the development of an attractive visual identity and website.

We know how to establish legal entities in Belgium and support the process.

GROWing your association

Increasing your ‘reach’ or ‘impact’ as a social purpose is a key part of your Board’s objectives. But how achieve this? We support in:

•        Repositioning of activities & events to increase the reach and impact

•        Membership development: its important. They increase the importance of your work, they are your biggest fan. Read as well our blog-post: why Members Matter and How to Increase Their Number.

•        Growing (international) conferences*

•        Development of E-Learning*

•        Organisation of webinars, multi-hub meetings*

•        Increasing sponsorship collection: its all about adding value to reaching others objectives.

•        Development of digital platforms* (website, membership management tool, event registration, online payment, mass-mailing and database)

*(see the section on “Conference Organisation” (PCO) and "Digitalisation")


When you are in operation for a while, you might question yourself: are we still implementing our services & developing our operations in the most effective and efficient manner?

We are there to ask the difficult questions and to challenge the board and management.

Together and depending on the need, we start working on:

Where do you want to be in 3 years time with your association? How to get there? What are the specific actions you need to start implementing and how to measure their success?

Corporate Governance: increasing the effectiveness of Board Meetings, Advisory Committees, Management Teams, …

Organisational structure: whom does what and what are the job descriptions?

Do we assign our resources to the right priorities and activities? Should we insource or outsource activities?

Association as a Service

We offer outsourcing services and can perform the following activities:

•        General office management: we manage the ‘mail’ account and ‘phone-number’ and follow up on all incoming communication, we ensure preparation and minute writing of Board and Management meetings and fulfilment of legal obligations.  

•        Website content management: we reach out to the Board and other active Members and Stakeholders and keep the website updated accordingly

•        Marketing & newsletters: we ensure a presence at social media, assemble a (fe: monthly) newsletter, create printed communication, etc.

•        Membership management : we keep in touch with your members and update their records where necessary

•        Accounting & financial management: we elaborate a budget for approval by the Board and take care of all payments and liaise with the Accountant to fulfil all legal obligations, we prepare the necessary statements for the Board and General Assembly.

•        Contract management: we manage the contracts with suppliers and sponsors

•        Project management: we take care of the project management and ensure the projects are delivered on time and within budget.